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Ex-PwC and Big 4 Accounting Firms Expert

My Story with Big 4 Accounting Firms

It was early April in my Junior year of college and I was having a bad day. I had forgotten to save a paper I'd been working on and had watched helplessly as two hours of work vanished when my computer froze. There was no time to redo it because I was also running late for my part-time campus job. This assignment was just not going to get done.

I ran quickly down the front steps of my college apartment, nearly falling on the invisible ice that lingered despite the shining sun. As I glanced up the steps to look at the ice something caught my eye: the mailbox was propped open. There was a large brown envelope inside and the lid wouldn’t shut (had done interviews with the Big 4 accounting firms the previous week and anxiously awaiting an responses).  I ran back up the steps and removed the envelope. When I saw the return address my heart skipped a beat:

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (Big 4 Public Accounting Firm)

I tore it open and read the words that would, literally, change my life forever:

Congratulations! We are pleased to offer you a summer internship position.

One Week Later, Future with Big 4 Accounting Firms

My old Chevy Cavalier pulls into the cobblestone driveway of the most exclusive country club in town. Wearing my best (and only) suit, Im arriving at a reception for students who have been offered internships and full-time positions. I park my car in between two BMWs and walk inside.

The dimly lit cocktail hour oozes class and sophistication. I recognize some of my accounting professors who are engaged in deep conversation with PwC partners. I find some students I know and we stand in a corner soaking it all in. Finally, we are asked to be seated. The Managing Partner of the local office stands up and gives a speech that still gives me chills.

Today we welcome the new class of PwC. The future of our firm is yours. We will teach you, guide you and help you build your career. It will be difficult and challenging and we will always demand your best. Today you join a select community of the best and brightest minds in the business world.

Working for one of the Big 4 was a truly remarkable experience. In many ways it felt like joining a fraternity. I now tell my Big 4 accounting firm hopefuls that it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The connections I made within the firm are some of my best friends today and I cant even count the number of times that a door has been opened for me by a PwC alumni.

It is with that gratitude in mind that I started It is my passion to help accounting students and graduates feel that rush of excitement when they learn that they too have been hired by the Big 4 accounting firms.

Here are the details of my eBook whichis a step-by-step guide to getting hired by the Big 4 accounting firms. The knowledge contained in this book comes from nearly 10 years in the industry, working for the Big 4 accounting firms and studying their hiring practices. I’ve helped thousands of job candidates just like you land the job of their dreams!

Big 4 Guru has turned into the #1 Best Selling Big 4 Hiring Guide since 2008, I am now a career coach, author, CPA, Big 4 alumnus and creator of the website Big 4 Guru has been providing career consulting services to accounting students, graduates and professionals since 2008.

Do you want to work for the Big 4 accounting firms? Are you nervous about upcoming interviews? If you want to stay involved and hear about all the "secrets" to getting hired with the Big 4 accounting firms, add your email below and add the thousands that have already joined us!



Big 4 Firm # 1 - Deloitte

The largest of the Big 4 Accounting Firms when compared by 2013 revenues, Deloitte has really set themselves apart. While Deloitte used to be called, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, they now refer to themselves as Deloitte. They are also referred to by a common nickname, "The Green Dot" due to the logo as seen to the right. They have over 200,000 professionals in over 150 countries. In one of my recent discussions with a Deloitte recruiter, he noted that the firm will be hiring over 250,000 new professionals in the next five years. That is an astounding number and it speaks to their growth potential. If you're looking for a job with the Big 4 Firms, we've got lots of opportunities here!



Big 4 Firm # 2- PwC

One of the big 4 firms, PwC's headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. Currently, it's #2 when measured in revenues as of 2013, losing to Deloitte. PwC has offices in over 700 cities and over 150 countries. The firm was created in a merger of Pricewaterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand.

PwC is also very popular for their performing the counts of the academy awards each year. You can see top partners carry the ballets that have decided the winners in a briefcase during the event.

Big 4 Firm # 3 - EY



Ernst & Young is headquartered, PwC's headquarters is in London, United Kingdom. Currently, it's #2 when measured in revenues as of 2013, losing to Deloitte. PwC has offices in over 700 cities and over 150 countries. They have over 175,000 employees and are growing. They were part of a controversial scandal where they changed they name from "Ernst & Young" to EY. After the change, they realized another brand and magazine holds the name EY and features young "sexy boys". While the scandal has died down in recent months, it made for a recent launch of the new brand.

Big 4 Firm # 4 - KPMG



KPMG, unfortunately for them is the smallest of the Big 4 Accounting Firms. They have recently been noted as having some problems in their marketing strategy, and are famous for "only having Phil Mickelson's hat". In any case, their headquarters are in the Netherlands with over 150,000 employees. They too had a scandal in the last few years where one of their market managing markets was caught insider trading. KPMG had to rescind multiple years of audit reports for the client (Herbalife) and now PwC audits the company. The partner, Scott London faces serious charges as a result of the actions. 

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