First off, for a full Big 4 Elevator Pitch, check out my eBook which includes an 8 Step guide, but for now, let's talk about the ending!

Can I end my Big 4 Accounting Firm elevator pitch with a BANG? You may be asking, well how do I do that? It’s a little secret, come close; I’m going to tell you…

Ask a question!

It may sound simple but it’s one of the most underestimated tricks in the book. Whomever it is you’re speaking with, have a question directed specifically at them as soon as you finish you’re pitch. While the pitch is supposed to be about you, it’s great to transition to them. You want them to leave feeling like they know you, but they also know that you like, are interested in, and are enthusiastically curious about them! If you can build a relationship with them, in the few minutes you have, it can make a big difference when they are narrowing down the candidates.

Initial questions:

  •       Where did you go to University?
  •       How long have you been with the firm?
  •       What are you major clients?
  •       Did you do an internship?
  •       Are you from <insert city> originally?
  •       Do you travel a lot in your role?
  •       Have you been to this University before?


  •        What’s your favorite part about your job
  •        Did you know you wanted to do accounting?
  •        What is the most challenging part about your job?
  •        What is your biggest piece of advice for someone like me who is 1-Searching for a job, and 2-Preparing for a transition to the workforce?

I hope that was helpful! Would love your questions as always to

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Going Concern is a great resource for any young and upcoming accounting professional. They have some really great humor from the writers who run the blog and a great weekly newsletter called, “Between the Spreadsheets”.


They have a great community of commenters that will get into spiraling bickering fights which can be quite entertaining. All that aside, there is some great content on the site from over the years. They also often break news from the accounting firms and current events.

If you’re one of those candidates who are interested in pay, they have tons of data on that as well. Each year they post an article for each firm where people post their location, pay increase, and bonus.

Check it out!

AuthorAndrew Argue

Campus interviews at Big 4 Accounting firms are typically held on college campuses or 3rd party sites. Theare not often conducted at the office of thBig 4. Fothe campus interview, you may be dealing with a recruiter who does this everyday Hhas seen thbest candidates, but he certainly has seen some that are worse than you. The point is, he knows how important this interview ito you and wilwant to see how you handle yourself under pressure.

Unless your GPA iextremely low you probablwonbe asked too many questions about it However, iyour GPA ivery high (i.e. 3.7 or greater), make sure you toucon that at some point. Recruiteroften pride themselves on the “stats othe class they bring into the firm IGPA is youstrong point, you have already won halthbattle of impressing the recruiter.

Inot, donworry. Your GPA iat least high enough tget you into the interviechair At this poinyou need tfocus 100% on the real secreto what the recruiter is looking for: personality.

Thtone of your interview is likelto be more conversational than fact based. Donexpect to get any technicaaccounting questions unless ipertains to something on your resume Like the meet and greet, the recruiter will be attempting to judge how you handle yourself in a social setting.

Ihired, you wilspend a great deaof your life interviewinclientand conducting meetingsBecause of this, it is in the firms best interest tgaugwhether you have the social skills required to pull this off. While they are not necessarily looking for the best talker, they will want to see you demonstrate that you can have an intelligenand informed conversation.

Often times right before the interview, you end up waiting in the lobby. Get up and remember to shake hands with everyone in the room. If they start to talk with you, chances are they work for the company you are interviewing with. Exchange pleasantries (i.e., how it’s 2:30, you must be exhausted, or how 'bout that weather, gorgeous huh?)

The questions for the campus interview and the office visit may overlap and you can’t be sure which will occur at both events. See my book for “Questions the recruiters WILL ask you during the interview”.


AuthorAndrew Argue

Get ready to put on a suit, because you’re doing a walk-in! 

While this may sound “old school”, it works. I will say that you should only employ this tactic if you have not made a connection with the company. If the company has turned you down, don’t walk in on their company, it can seem like you’re stalking them. 

Once you arrive, tell the person at the front desk that you would like to speak with the recruiter from the firm, or the managing partner if they’re available. If you know there names, that is a HUGE plus. You should be able to figure them out via LinkedIn.

You need to make sure you bring your resume, a cover letter, a smile, a suit, a firm handshake, and some enthusiasm. This will be unknown territory for most of the companies you approach, which gives you an advantage. They will either walk out of the meeting thinking, that was really weird, OR, what a Rockstar to be that brave.

We’re hoping for the second and with some practice, you can deliver. If need be, start with some local firm in another town before you make it to the Big 4.


AuthorAndrew Argue

For some candidates, the follow up email can make the difference between on the edge, and in the door. If your interview was early in the morning, consider following up with them the same day. If you were later in the afternoon, get in touch with them the next morning. Either way, you MUST send an email follow up to the interviewer within 24 hours. The email should read something like the following:

<insert first name here>,

Good evening!

I want to say thank you so much for taking the time to interview me today. I really appreciate learning more about you and your experience working on <insert industry> clients in the <insert city> office. From interviewing with you today, to speaking with <add other names> at the career fair and past interns here at the university, I know that <insert firm name> is the place I want to start my career.

If you have any questions for me, you can call me anytime at (800) XXX-XXXX. Thank you!

Best regards, 

<insert name and signature>

This email MUST go out to every single person you met with the campus interview, pre-interview social, office visit, and office visit lunch (if there is one). Each will need to be personalized to the person specifically and make sure you obtain business cards through the whole experience so you can write these emails.

If you fall short on this last task, it’s the freshest thing in their mind while they’re making big decisions about your future.


AuthorAndrew Argue

While we normally keep things pretty serious around here, I think it's always fun to let loose and have fun!

As busy season kicks off, I hope all you new interns are ready, here is the wild ride you can look forward too!


AuthorAndrew Argue

But I've also seen a lot of people fail. While this process can be intimidating, you’ve come this far! I’ve compiled a brief list of the reasons why people interviews fail. While I know you’ll be fine, have quick look at each of the issues below and make sure you’re all set!

Common pitfalls of The Interview

  • Not sending a follow up thank you email
  • Having a drink with you
  • Using your phone
  • Not knowing anything about the company
  • Incorrect information on your resume
  • Not paying attention
  • Dressing Inappropriately
  • Showing up late
  • Talking too much
  • Being unprepared to answer questions
  • Speaking poorly about past employers

You can also check out my eBook, The Interview for a complete guide to interviewing with the Big 4 Accounting Firms including questions to ask, questions they ask you (and responses), appropriate dress, proper email edicate and more!


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As we start a new year, I want to thank you all! You're joining a very special group of people! The Big 4 have some of the best and brightest employees in the world. If you're reading this blog, you're fast on your way to joining them!

I am here to help you every step along the way. I started in 2008 with one goal in mind: Help as many people as possible work for the Big 4. Now, 5 years laters, thousands of people have been hired by the Big 4 and thousands have purchased our eBooks and used the resources available at! Speaking of resources, here is a link to your free list of Top 5 Resources for an aspiring Big 4 candidate or new hire ! If you love it, please check out our eBooks: The InterviewBig 4 Hiring Guide and First Year All-Star!

How far along are you in the process? Have you been to a career fair or interview?

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