While I’m certainly no Tim Gunn (from what not to wear) I do have a great resource to share with all of you that corporate woman, and Big 4 Accounting Firm Hopefuls have been using for years!

While this resource only benefits the softer sex, let’s be honest guys, they have it way harder! Skirts, heels, panty hose, dresses, make-up and on and on. So while this only relates to the women, I had to share it! It’s not easy when you’re a woman to strike the balance between strong, independent, and feminine with not looking too young, or too sexy. I can’t say I’ll be able to provide the best advice either which is why we have this recommendation!

They have tons of great articles that give you the details on what to wear for any event! While the entire site is great, there is one page I would recommend over any others, and that’s the “Top Content” page. That’s their most populare articles that have occurred over the last few years. I have to say I am very impressed with what these women have put together over the years, really a top notch resource!

Check it out! http://corporette.com/about-corporette/top-posts/


AuthorAndrew Argue