Big 4 summer internships are, without a doubt, the best way to land a full-time offer. Typically, the candidates chosen for the internship are looked on as “the best” in the pool of candidates that year. Accordingly, the internship is a way to woo these candidates and convince them to start their career with the firm. In that regard, it can be said that all Big 4 interns have the potential  to land a full-time offer at the end of the summer. 

It is rare, but sometimes an intern can perform so poorly that an offer is not extended. This is most likely to occur as a result of a poor attitude (rather than poor “accounting” performance). The expectation placed on interns, in terms of proving their accounting knowledge, is fairly low. So much of what makes the Big 4 the best place to start a career has to do with how much is learned on the job. Accordingly, the expectation is that interns just starting with the firm do not have much experience or expertise.

The point of the internship is to judge whether the candidates will be able to represent the firm in a positive manner to clients. So, the easiest way to mess up an internship and not receive an offer is to have a poor attitude. I’ve seen interns who either act too arrogant or make the mistake of not taking the internship seriously. This behavior is a red flag to your employer that you will not be an effective worker and will not represent the firm well to clients.

The main takeaway here is that interns are almost guaranteed a full-time offer, if they play their cards well. Those lucky enough to land an internship can consider themselves well on their way to a full-time offer by simply being friendly, conscientious, professional, polite and serious about one’s work.

Big 4 Guru

AuthorAndrew Argue