There are many perks to working for the Big 4, but there is one that is more valuable than all of the others combined.  This perk comes with one major catch though: you have to quit the Big 4 before you can benefit from it. 

That perk is the ability to add “Big 4 experience” to your resume and cover letter.  If you are just starting out in your career you may not yet know the value of those three words.  Let’s do a little experiment:

1) Click on

2) In the ‘skills/keywords’ field type “Big 4 experience”

3) Click search

What do you see?  Nearly all senior level accounting positions (at least the ones that pay well) either require Big 4 experience or say something like “Big 4 experience strongly preferred.”   Want to work in the accounting department of a big public company like Apple or Google someday?  There is almost zero chance that you could get hired there without Big 4 experience. 

Big 4 alumni hire Big 4 alumni.  It’s like a fraternity.  The circle continues.  If you have Big 4 experience on your resume, you will forever move to the front of the pack.  I have seen it happen over and over and over again. 

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AuthorAndrew Argue