First, is my number one recommended resource for anyone looking to work at the Big 4 Firms. While nobody needs to become a CPA in order to be hired by the Big 4, I am looking at your long term potential. Every Big 4 firm and most other large regional and national firms give the Becker CPA review course away for FREE to all of their new hires.

But… What’s great about this site is the FREE information they have. They have a list of all the CPA exam requirements by state. For example, I live in New York, but when I took the CPA, the requirements in Colorado were better based on my situation (classes I had taken, Masters Degree vs. 5th year, residency requirements, citizenship requirements, etc). I was able to take the exam 8 months SOONER than I would have been able to because I could find the requirements. I cannot understate the value of this site.

If you don’t pass the exam before you start working for the Big 4 full time, you will not be able to perform at the same level as others who can focus 100% of their time to the clients. You will be too busy worrying about you Regulation section, and you will be exhausted. Poor performance in your first year, leads to lower ratings, lower ratings lead to no bonus and lower raise. Do the research and GET IT DONE!

Check it out:

The second resource is Andrew at has put together an incredible podcast guiding young accounting hopefuls like you to successful careers in accounting. He has an interesting history and was very successful at PwC. You can find podcast on the below topics and with each podcast he writes a blog post summarized and often times adding additional information.

Another reason why makes it to #2 on our list is that Andrew discusses more than just the Big 4. While I hope you all reach the goal of a career with a Big 4 firm, some of you may not make it? Does that mean you life is over? You have no more options? NO! There are plenty of ways to make it into the Big 4, you can work for a regional or national firm, then transfer after a year. I have also seen people work as private accountants and then work for the Big 4.

The podcast also has great guests on the show,

which can help you learn about any facet of accounting

you’re looking for from Big 4 to internal audit, to government

and private accounting!

Check it out!


AuthorAndrew Argue