Being part of the Big 4 is not easy, and the journey isn't short. You're probably excited about your future, may just bought my "Book of Secrets" and can't wait until the day you receive that offer letter in the mail, "Congratulations! We're offering you an internship at Deloitte! (or other firm name)".

But it's my job to be honest with you. This road is a long one and from the day you first learn about the Big 4 to the day you receive that full time offer, could be years. I want to tell you a little bit about determination.

When I was in University, very few schools recruited from my school and I wanted to work at PwC. Nobody in my entire University or alumni (that I knew or anyone knew in Beta Alpha Psi) have ever worked there. So I made it my goal to reach out to them. I called the PwC office and asked to speak to the recruiter, I told her we'd been doing some incredible things at my University and I'd like to take her to lunch to discuss them. Long story short, she started recruiting our students and I went on to be the first summer leadership attendee, intern, and full time hire from my University at the firm. 

I don't care what your adversity is, you need to overcome it. Here are are some thing you can do that are outside the box to get in touch wit the Big 4:

*Note: every situation is different and use of all of these at once could hurt your chances. Contact me personally for advice.

  • Going to the office in a suit and dropping off a resume
  • Sneaking into a career fair at a larger school
  • Attending business/community events you know the firm attends
  • Joining a charity they support
  • Call the firm recruiter and requesting an office visit
  • Sending your cover letter and resume to other office saying your moving, and request an office visit (even if you're not moving but would if you received the job)

You must be willing to "do things differently" and think outside the box. Every situation is different and I look forward to hearing each of your situations and giving my input!



AuthorAndrew Argue