While you may think this is a time to relax, and it is, it's also a time to reflect. As 2013 comes to a close, I want you to think about what your goals are for 2014. Are you trying to get hired by the Big 4 Accounting Firms? Are you looking for an internship, summer leadership, or full time job? Do you have plans to pass the CPA exam?

Whatever it may be, now is the time to think.

What is going to set you apart from the competition? There are hundreds and thousands of Big 4 hopefuls, what do you have that's different. Early in 2014, there is typically a career fair. Have you had your resume scrubbed to make sure it plays up your skills? To ensure there are no grammar issues?

What about your elevator pitch? Have you practiced it? Are you read to go to the Big 4 accounting firms at the career fair and knock their socks off? You may only have one shot, and they look at a hundred or more students in a day.

The point is, you can't just assume it's all going to work out, because it's not. People only achieve there goals with purpose, preparation, passion, and hard work. Then, maybe you get a seat at the table. In my 5+ years of coaching students and professionals, I can tell you, there are no shortcuts, you need to be ready.

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AuthorAndrew Argue