Campus interviews at Big 4 Accounting firms are typically held on college campuses or 3rd party sites. Theare not often conducted at the office of thBig 4. Fothe campus interview, you may be dealing with a recruiter who does this everyday Hhas seen thbest candidates, but he certainly has seen some that are worse than you. The point is, he knows how important this interview ito you and wilwant to see how you handle yourself under pressure.

Unless your GPA iextremely low you probablwonbe asked too many questions about it However, iyour GPA ivery high (i.e. 3.7 or greater), make sure you toucon that at some point. Recruiteroften pride themselves on the “stats othe class they bring into the firm IGPA is youstrong point, you have already won halthbattle of impressing the recruiter.

Inot, donworry. Your GPA iat least high enough tget you into the interviechair At this poinyou need tfocus 100% on the real secreto what the recruiter is looking for: personality.

Thtone of your interview is likelto be more conversational than fact based. Donexpect to get any technicaaccounting questions unless ipertains to something on your resume Like the meet and greet, the recruiter will be attempting to judge how you handle yourself in a social setting.

Ihired, you wilspend a great deaof your life interviewinclientand conducting meetingsBecause of this, it is in the firms best interest tgaugwhether you have the social skills required to pull this off. While they are not necessarily looking for the best talker, they will want to see you demonstrate that you can have an intelligenand informed conversation.

Often times right before the interview, you end up waiting in the lobby. Get up and remember to shake hands with everyone in the room. If they start to talk with you, chances are they work for the company you are interviewing with. Exchange pleasantries (i.e., how it’s 2:30, you must be exhausted, or how 'bout that weather, gorgeous huh?)

The questions for the campus interview and the office visit may overlap and you can’t be sure which will occur at both events. See my book for “Questions the recruiters WILL ask you during the interview”.


AuthorAndrew Argue