Get ready to put on a suit, because you’re doing a walk-in! 

While this may sound “old school”, it works. I will say that you should only employ this tactic if you have not made a connection with the company. If the company has turned you down, don’t walk in on their company, it can seem like you’re stalking them. 

Once you arrive, tell the person at the front desk that you would like to speak with the recruiter from the firm, or the managing partner if they’re available. If you know there names, that is a HUGE plus. You should be able to figure them out via LinkedIn.

You need to make sure you bring your resume, a cover letter, a smile, a suit, a firm handshake, and some enthusiasm. This will be unknown territory for most of the companies you approach, which gives you an advantage. They will either walk out of the meeting thinking, that was really weird, OR, what a Rockstar to be that brave.

We’re hoping for the second and with some practice, you can deliver. If need be, start with some local firm in another town before you make it to the Big 4.


AuthorAndrew Argue