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Your Future with the Big 4 Accounting Firm

Depends on One Sheet of Paper...

Keep it Out of the Shredder with Resume Services

It is impossible to overstate the importance of your resume. Your career with the Big 4 accounting firms all starts with a single piece of paper (Tip: if your resume is longer than one page you're already in trouble).

If your resume is not flawless you can almost guarantee that it will end up in the shredder.  While this may sound harsh, it is a reality of the Big 4 accounting firm hiring process.  The Big 4 accounting firms receive thousands and thousands of resumes each year.  Only the best resumes lead to interviews and job offers.


Challenges of the Big 4 Accounting Firms Resume

Preparing the perfect resume to submit to the Big 4 is incredibly challenging.  Some of the most common mistakes candidates make include:

  • Failing to understand how their work experience would translate to the Big 4 position they are targeting
  • Over/under utilizing "buzz" words and accounting terminology
  • Improperly presenting their GPA
  • Listing courses they have taken
  • Failing to understand the primary purpose of the resume
  • Overstating the importance of their work experience
  • Presenting an unclear message
  • Using distracting formatting
  • Unique 'English as a Second Language' challenges for international students


Can I help you get hired at Big 4 Accounting Firms?

Your resume should be an asset.  It should elevate your experience and present a compelling case to bring you in for an interview. Since starting, I have helped thousands of candidates prepare for the Big 4 accounting firm hiring process. It never ceases to amaze me how often strong candidates attempt to get through the hiring process with a flawed resume.  Even the most qualified candidate will not get an interview with the wrong resume.

I want to help you present the perfect resume to the Big 4 accounting firms.  I have seen firsthand many, many, times, the difference that a bad and a great resume can make.

Services Offered For Those trying to get hired by the Big 4 Accounting Firms

We offer three options: 

Option 1:  Comprehensive Resume Review and Rewrite 
This option builds upon your current resume .  This service consists of two 45 minute phone consultations. The first consultation is an interview between you and I designed to provide me with the ability to expand and build-out your resume and ensure that the key elements of your strengths and experience are represented to the fullest.  I take that information and do a complete edit of your resume.  We then have a follow-up conversation to discuss those changes and go through any additional questions you may have about the resume or other aspects of your job search. 

The price for this service is $247 (LIMITED TIME PRICE FOR Spring 2014 RECRUITING). 

Option 2:  Complete Resume from Scratch
The second is designed to create a resume for you from start to finish.  This service consists of three one hour phone consultations. Over the course of these interviews I will learn about you and your experience and I will write a resume that is tailored to the exact audience that you are planning to target. 

This service is $497.  (LIMITED TIME PRICE FOR Spring 2014 RECRUITING). 

Option 3:  Quick Review
In this package I will review your current resume as if I were a recruiter and email you the edits that I would recommend making. This is a good approach if you have a resume that is in pretty good shape.  This service will provide you with a list of red flags or other issues with your resume that I believe you should address before submitting.  

This service is $97. (LIMITED TIME PRICE FOR Spring 2014 RECRUITING). 

Option 4:  Mock Interview
In this package I will meet with you for 1-1.5 hours via telephone and ask you the same questions you will be asked in an interview with the Big 4 Accounting Firms. Then, I will give you feedback on your responses and help you improve them for the big day. 

This service is $97. (LIMITED TIME PRICE FOR Spring 2014 RECRUITING).  


Big 4 Guru

If you are interested in working with the Big 4 Guru to perfect your resume, please send an e-mail to with  'Resume Help' in the subject.  We will send you more information.  


“Big 4 Guru (B4G) was a HUGE help in updating my resume in preparation for my recruiting events with the Big 4 and other notable CPA firms. B4G answered all my questions and supplied great insight/tips on how to prepare for the Big 4 Accounting Firm recruiters. My confidence increased with my B4G’s edited resume and knowledge gained from my two phone calls. Within two weeks, it has resulted in: 1) an invitation for an ‘Office Tour’, 2) an interview and 3) selected in the recruitment process for one of the Big 4. This service was worth every penny! Thank you B4G for all your help”


                                                                               — Anonymous Big 4 Candidate


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Join Big 4 Guru and Get Hired with the Big 4 Accounting Firms!

Join Big 4 Guru and Get Hired with the Big 4 Accounting Firms!