The Interview

“This book is incredible. I read the entire book in the first sitting taking mental notes as I read. The advice and the encouragement I received boosted my confidence and allowed me to sell myself the right way. I got great feedback on my interview skills and had multiple offers. Thank you so much for this book!” - Mallory

Book of Secrets

“Big 4 Guru provided me with great insight into Big 4 accounting firms. After I bought his product, I was impressed when he sent me a personal email thanking me for my purchase. I had a question a few months down the line so I emailed him. He responded the next day and was very helpful. Great resource!” - Brian

First Year all Star

“I went through the book and it was seriously an eye opener. You have given a lot of useful information and tips that I will be able to put to use when I start full time. I appreciate the effort you have taken to put all the information together in a very nice manner. 
Thanks you so much for this wonderful resource!" - A. Kumar